The weather is bad again. And a bit cold.

During the afternoon, I felt like taking some air for an instance and I went to the scenic cafeteria on the first floor. I grabbed my café au lait and seated at the table I usually had in my morning coffees with a former office buddy. Once I decided that table had the best view in the cafeteria, and we started to seat there every time we're going for the morning coffee, as it was the best place to indulge on the landscape and talk about work, life & beyond.

Today I stayed there alone, sipping my coffee and looking at the gigantic window facing the lake and the mountains. It was the first day I haven't seen any mountain. Mont Blanc is not a regular, rather a difficult client. One only has it in days of clear skies. But today there was no mountain at all. Not even Le Môle with its solitary, distinct form and sharp peak. Only clouds, mist and a vague idea of the lake.


© Duarte Correia 2007

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