I'm a Portuguese student doing a master's degree on Maritime Economics and Logistics at Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, in The Netherlands. After finishing my coursework, I was granted a three-month internship at UNCTAD - United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, in Geneva, during which I should write my master's thesis. The topic, suggested by UNCTAD, is related to ports, ICT, and port community portals; and the main research question is "how can developing countries benefit from these systems and technology?". The issues to address relate to economic, organisational and trade facilitation aspects, not to the technological ones.

This blog is intended to serve as a diary of my research and day-to-day life in Geneva during the forthcoming months. I'll try to update it regularly and to post information about the progresses, doubts, and questions of my work. I will also post the nitty-gritty of living, working and looking at the lake in Geneva. I don't intend to lie.

My e-mail address is somewhere at the top-right corner of the blog and all messages are most welcome. Have fun.


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